Tezos co-founder wants $ 25 million settlement with investor in class action

Tezos co-founder Breitman and his wife have settled a $ 25 million settlement with investors in pending lawsuits against Arthur, Kathleen Breitman and their companies Dynamic Ledger Solutions, Tezos Stiftung (Tezos Foundation). Tezos co-founders Breitman and his wife raised $ 232 million for Tezos in 2017 through an ICO, and have been subject to four class-action lawsuits alleging violations of U.S. securities laws and the sale of unregistered securities in the United States. Tezos subsequently settled with investors Negotiations began in 2018. The settlement involved 30,000 investors who participated in the ICO in 2017, but a $ 25 million settlement agreement is still pending final approval by a U.S. federal judge.