Nervos: the advent of ASICs will make CKB’s network more secure and decentralized

The Nervos mining community community manager DC said at the TokenInsight Global Supercomputing Industry Summit that the computing power of the CKB main network has reached a maximum of 2PH / s, thanks to the simple design of the hash algorithm Eaglesong and the mining machine in the community. Business, mining pools, miners, mining software and other partners. Within four months of the Nervos CKB mainnet launch, the emergence of multiple ASIC vendors will make CKB’s computing power more decentralized. As the mining machine is powered on and the computing power continues to increase, the attack cost of Nervos CKB will gradually increase, and the network will become more secure. CKB will also become a solid asset base, which will more effectively protect the assets on the chain from being affected. Violated.