The Internet of Things blockchain platform IoTeX will deploy DAO on the network to realize the new function of the token economy

The IOTX new token economic model released by the IoT blockchain platform IoTeX will deploy DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations) on the IoTeX network to achieve tokens such as “destruction for certification” and “pledge for services” Economic function. IoTeX developers, such as device manufacturers, obtain IoTeX enabled (PBI) certificates by destroying IOTX, allowing their IoT devices to access special services and functions on the network. Under this kind of “destruction for certification” token economy, with the increase of new IoTeX-enabled devices, such as Ucam, the total supply of IOTX will decrease, and it will also increase the activity of the IoTeX network. And the value of IOTX tokens. On the other hand, service providers need to pledge IOTX tokens to obtain the right to provide services to PBI equipment. This “pledge for service” model will increase with IoTeX-enabled devices, and more and more service providers will pledge IOTX, promoting the entire IoTeX ecological development and the value of IOTX tokens.