Smart contract platform Perlin will postpone project delivery indefinitely and enter the carbon asset trading market

Smart contract platform Perlin announced that due to huge technical challenges and various recent emergencies, the delivery of Wavelet before the 2020 Q1 deadline could not be completed and the project will be postponed indefinitely. At the same time, it will announce that it will participate in the global fast-growing carbon commodity market. As the first large-scale tokenized carbon asset project, Perlin will bridge the existing decentralized ecosystem and carbon market and promote a new wave of growth in the crypto industry. And bring new capital. Future plans include updating the Perlin carbon industry white paper, actively negotiating with newly established carbon exchanges, and promoting new industry cooperation to achieve real business results. As an asset class, carbon market transactions have increased fivefold in the past two years, reaching a record high of US $ 215 billion by 2019. As the industry moves towards greater sustainability and sets ambitious emission reduction targets, further significant growth is expected. Carbon trading volume and value will continue to grow significantly in the short term. In China alone, it is expected that the opening of the carbon trading market in 2020 will be twice the current ETS trading volume of the world’s largest carbon market.