Luyin Loopring’s ZK Rollup technology-based decentralized exchange has exceeded 200,000 transactions

Luyin Loopring announced that its new generation of decentralized exchanges with ZK Rollup technology has been traded more than 200,000 times three weeks after its launch. On February 27th, Lianwen reported that Loopring announced that a new generation of decentralized exchanges based on ZK Rollup technology was officially launched. This version is public beta 1. Based on the Loopring protocol 3.1.1, the official said that this version is safe There is no sacrifice, just interface problems need to be solved, and the performance of protocols and relays is still being optimized. According to Luyin, Luyin Exchange is the first decentralized exchange based on ZK Rollup two-layer capacity expansion technology on Ethereum. A hundred times higher throughput than other current decentralized exchanges. At present, the exchange only has a web version, which only supports MetaMask login, and does not support mobile terminal for the time being. For the platform fee, the maker order fee is 0%, the transaction fee for general orders is between 0.3% and 0.5%, and the transaction fee for stable orders is between 0.06 % To 0.10%. Luyin also launched the “1000 Permanent Free VIP”, “Trading Contest”, and “Submit Bug Reward” activities.