Wan Weichain PoS galaxy consensus academic papers included in SCI search journals

The Wanchain Galaxy Consensus academic paper “Baguena: A Practical Proof of Stake Protocol With a Robust Delegation Mechanism” was included in the SCI search journal “Chinese Journal of Electronics”. Wanchain said that the galaxy consensus paper was included, which is a high recognition of the innovation and practicability of the Wanchain galaxy consensus protocol by academics, and also affirmation of the research results of the Wanchain theoretical team in the field of cryptography related to blockchain. “Chinese Journal of Electronics” was founded in 1992. It is an English-language academic journal sponsored by the Chinese Institute of Electronics. It is included in the internationally renowned retrieval systems SCI, EI, CA, Scopus, SA, Pж (AJ) and other journals. Emerging fields of electronics, publishing innovative research papers.