Tiger Symbol Exchange will launch BTC, BCH, BSV, ETH and other popular production-reducing currency index funds

Tiger Symbol Exchange Hoo.com will launch an index-type digital asset ETF on March 24th that will track “hot halving assets”. Hu Fu said that the ETF is tracking the five hot currencies BTC / BCH / BSV / ETH / ZEC which are halved this year as the tracking target, helping users achieve lower capital expenditure and low risk participation in digital asset halving. ETF will be open for subscription in Tiger’s equity from March 24th to March 26th. The participation price is 1 USDT / share, the minimum participation is 10 shares, and the total project share is 500,000 USDT, while stocks last. Hu Fu also said that the ETF was compiled by Principle68 Capital, a well-known institution compiled by index funds. The team members of the institution have worked for the third largest hedge fund in Europe and served as partners, and have managed 10 billion dollar-level quantitative funds. rich experience.