OKEx Announces 312 Extreme Market Perpetual Contract Short-term Stalling Solution, Will Give Users Compensation

The OKEx Exchange issued a treatment plan for short-term stalls in perpetual contracts caused by extreme market conditions of 312. It indicated that short-term stalls occurred in OKEx perpetual contracts due to sharp market fluctuations on March 12. OKEx also stated that after the problem appeared, the system was repaired and normal trading was restored as soon as possible, and “the problem was fundamentally resolved.” For some users who are unable to trade due to the platform’s own reasons, OKEx said that the platform will give an appropriate percentage of compensation. At present, it has conducted the first round of communication with most of the affected users and reached a mutually satisfactory solution. OKEx also reminded that “the loss caused by the wrong direction of normal transactions or the fact that the real user took the opportunity to incite the flames and extortion, OKEx reserves the right to pursue legal responsibility.”