The 0x agreement fee has increased significantly, and the total amount of Staking pledges has exceeded 15 million ZRX

The decentralized transaction protocol 0x Protocol stated on the official blog that there are currently more than 1,800 independent addresses participating in ZRX staking, and the total number of staking exceeds 15 million ZRX. According to official browser data, as of press time, the total number of ZRX Staking for 0x Protocol was 15.71 million. 0x Protocol indicates that since the economic model of 0x was updated, a total of more than 120 ETH protocol fees have been generated, and more than 282 ETH rewards have been issued to 0x Pool operators and Staking clients (the difference comes from subsidies). The two phases are growing significantly, exceeding the subsidies provided by the 0x team. The 0x Protocol also stated that the ZRX Portal is currently compatible with wallets such as MataMask, imTOken, and Coinbase Wallet. Users can directly participate in ZRX Staking through related wallets. At the same time, the latest version of the ZRX Portal allows users to directly click the Move Stake function in their account, which will take the previous Stake ZRX achieves delegated transfer.