The IOTA Foundation introduced the three stages of IOTA 2.0, and the second stage of the implementation of the Coordicide module on the incentive testnet is expected to take place in the second half

The IOTA Foundation wrote an article introducing the three stages of IOTA 2.0, namely Pollen, Nectar and Honey. Pollen is the first official testnet of the IOTA 2.0 network, mainly a research and testing platform for foundations, communities and external researchers. On this platform, the specifications for Coordicide will be finalized. Nectar is expected to be carried out in the second half of 2020, and the Coordicide module will be fully implemented on the incentive testnet, aiming to test any errors or problems that need to be fixed before the final release of the mainnet. Honey is the final product candidate for IOTA 2.0 and will include all modules according to Coordicide’s final specifications. Honey can be regarded as the first version of IOTA 2.0, which is a fully decentralized IOTA mainnet. According to the news, IOTA 2.0 aims to introduce Coordicide (remove the coordinator) and reach a consensus without a coordinator to decentralize the IOTA network.