University of California, USA, paid ransom attacker Netwalker $1.14 million in Bitcoin

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) paid $1.14 million in bitcoins to hackers after being attacked by ransomware this month. The Netwalker ransomware gang attacked the school network on June 1. UCSF is now assisting the U.S. FBI in its investigation, while working to restore all affected systems. The university said that as a university serving the public interest, the encrypted data is very important for some academic work. Therefore, a difficult decision was made to pay a partial ransom, approximately $1.14 million, to the individual behind the malware attack in exchange for a tool to unlock encrypted data. The school said it will continue to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to investigate the matter. Earlier this month, Michigan State University was also attacked by Netwalker, but the school refused to pay the ransom. According to solidot’s previous report, Michigan State University and Chicago Columbia College were also attacked by NetWalker. Michigan State University has publicly stated that it will not pay the ransom to the attackers. California San Francisco University and Chicago Columbia University may have paid the ransom. Their information has been obtained from the NetWalker website. Remove on.