Blockchain analysis company Elliptic adds monitoring of privacy coins Zcash and ZEN

Blockchain analysis and tracking company Elliptic added support for privacy coins Zcash and ZEN, enabling cryptocurrency companies to trade these two currencies in a compliant manner. At the same time, digital currency dealers and lenders Genesis will use Elliptic to monitor illegal activities in Zcash and ZEN transactions. Tom Robinson, chief scientist of Elliptic, said: By providing blockchain tracking support for privacy coins such as Zcash and ZEN, regulated financial institutions can now safely and compliantly trade this important crypto asset class. This will help expand the usage of the privacy coin and support the development of Genesis and other cryptocurrency exchanges that want to expand their asset portfolio to attract new customers. There are already 87 tokens supported in its encrypted transaction monitoring tool. According to previous reports from Lianwen, the investment department of Wells Fargo Bank, the third largest bank in the United States, has invested US$5 million in Elliptic. This round of financing has brought Elliptic B round of financing to a total of US$28 million and historical funding to reach US$40 million.