Blockchain venture capital fund SPiCE VC cooperates with Swiss private equity firm VIVA to establish a digital securities system

Blockchain venture capital fund SPiCE VC announced a cooperation with Swiss private equity firm VIVA Investment Partners AG (VIP) to jointly establish a digital securities ecosystem. VIP co-founders, fund entrepreneurs and venture capitalists Julie Meyer and Rene Eichenberger also joined the SPiCE VC board of directors. VIP has acquired equity in SPiCE management companies and funds. Chain News Note: SPiCE provides investors with access to the blockchain and tokenized ecosystem, and the company has also played an important role in the creation of legal and regulatory frameworks, mainly investing in changes aimed at changing the pattern of digital tokenization Portfolio companies. VIVA Investment Partners AG seeks to acquire and finance minority interests in emerging alternative asset management companies. The core of the VIP business is its business service platform, which provides strategic support for its funds in various fields, including capital strategy, transaction process, and development of investment portfolios.