The first phase of SKALE mainnet was officially launched, and transfer and staking have not yet been launched

The elastic blockchain network SKALE announced that the mainnet has been officially launched. SKALE said that its network not only runs on the main Ethereum network, but also runs on the SKALE network node, and then can view the Ethereum smart contract deployed by SKALE through Etherscan. The mainnet currently on the line is the first stage. Staking and transfer functions have not yet been enabled. The second stage plans to start staking in the third quarter. The third stage will open the token transfer function 90 days after the second stage. SKALE’s token SKL will also be auctioned through the ConsenSys Activate platform. According to previously announced data, SKALE will auction 217 million SKLs with token prices ranging from US$0.0198 to US$0.0265, which means that SKALE Network will raise approximately US$4.3 million To USD 5.75 million, accepted tokens include Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC and DAI.