Uniswap V2 plans to launch in the second quarter, adding lightning loan function and agreement charging mechanism

The decentralized automatic market maker Uniswap said that the V2 version will be launched in the second quarter of this year, and developers can already try this version on the Ethereum testnet. Uniswap also revealed some new features of the V2 version, including users can directly add any two ERC-20 tokens to the fund pool, while in the V1 version users can only add ERC-20 and ETH to the fund pool together ; Support the lightning loan function, users can withdraw tokens in the same transaction and return with another token, only 0.3% of the fee, which will increase the arbitrage scene; optimized for the time dimension price predictor, Not only improves the stability of Uniswap V2 as a price source, it also increases the cost of attackers. Uniswap also reserves a protocol fee mechanism to promote the sustainable development of the project. This mechanism will be set to 0 at the beginning, but if the switch is turned on, the protocol developer will receive a 0.05% transaction fee, and the liquidity provider Will also fall from 0.3% to 0.25%.