ZenGo will provide a solution to the potential risks of the Ethereum DeFi authorization process

Cryptocurrency wallet ZenGo provides a tool called baDAPProve to demonstrate the possible security issues in the Ethereum DeFi tool, and said it will provide a solution for this hidden danger. This problem involves the interaction process between users and smart contracts in the Ethereum platform. If users need to use assets on the DeFi platform, they need to initiate an authorized transaction and set an authorized amount. Sometimes, in order to simplify the user process This limit is set far more than the user needs. For an attacker, this operation can be used to steal the user’s funds, even if the user no longer uses the DApp. baDAPProve can simulate this scenario in the test network, and finally use baDAPProve to steal all users’ assets. ZenGo will provide a solution to this problem, which can ensure that the amount of approved funds is equal to the amount required by the user. ZenGo will provide more detailed solutions and technical details in the future.