Opyn launches put options on ETH chain to protect ETH price downside risks

Opyn, a decentralized financial risk management platform, introduced put options to protect the price of ETH, while Opyn previously only supported put options for cDAI and cUSDC in Compound. Opyn’s ETH put options can be used to protect the risks caused by ETH price fluctuations, that is, in the case of ETH prices falling sharply, ETH can be exchanged for USDC at the exercise price. Opyn’s first batch of ETH put options had an exercise price of $ 100, an expiry date of April 3, a mortgage asset of USDC, and a mortgage rate of 100%. The seller of the put option, that is, the provider of the USDC, will bear the risk of ETH price decline, but can also gain by providing price protection.