Bybit launches USDT perpetual contract and contract insurance, and launches smart strategy ordering function on APP side

Bybit co-founder and CEO Ben Zhou officially launched the new Bybit contract product “USDT Perpetual Contract” (forward contract), contract insurance and APP-based smart strategy ordering function at the Bybit new product launch conference held in the live broadcast of the chain node. According to Ben, the USDT perpetual contract will be launched on the 25th. At the same time, the margin / account profit and loss of the forward contract will be priced and settled in USDT. The product supports the functions of long and short two-way positions, combined margin, multi-contract shared margin, and insurance pool for the same contract. In addition, contract insurance products are similar to options products. The smart policy ordering function on the APP side is actually adding advanced strategies to the APP, and users can directly perform advanced strategy ordering functions such as policy reminders in the APP.