High-performance public chain Solana completes token auction for $ 0.22

The high-performance public chain Solana has completed the token auction on Coinlist. The final transaction price is $ 0.22 per SOL token. This auction has sold 8 million SOL tokens, accounting for 1.6% of the total supply. In order to maintain price stability, Solana plans to release a price guarantee mechanism after the auction, and token purchasers participating in staking can enjoy up to 90% of the token price guarantee. Lianwen previously reported that Solana has conducted many rounds of fundraising history, and the historical token sale price: 3.2 million USD (0.04 USD / token) was raised in the seed round in March 2018, and 1260 in the genesis round in June 2018. USD 10,000 (approximately USD 0.20 / SOL). In July 2019, the validator round raised USD 5.7 million with a unit price of approximately USD 0.225 / SOL. In February 2020, the online round raised USD 2.4 million and the SOL unit price was approximately USD 0.25. Investors in this project include Multicoin Capital, NGC Ventures, 500 Startups, BlockTower, Foundation Capital, Slow Ventures, Passport Capital, and Eight-Dimension Capital.