Binhe Technology Vice President: BHEX does not lose aggregate trading depth to first-tier exchanges, especially when market conditions fluctuate

During TokenInsight’s online AMA event, Bai Yang, the vice president of Binance Technology BHEX, accepted an exclusive interview with Lianwen. Regarding the topic of exchange liquidity, Bai Yang said, “Bincore is an aggregate exchange that aggregates multiple platforms. The depth of liquidity is shared among cloud service customers. In this way, it is possible to achieve good liquidity by bringing together small liquidity.Coin Core has also invested a lot of resources in market makers in order to provide Users provide sufficient trading depth. You can compare the spot and contract depth of BHEX with any front-line transaction. Especially when the market is volatile, the depth of BHEX is no longer lost to other exchanges. This can guarantee our cloud services. Customer-planned business development. “