Mentougou liquidation leaks more information: BTC and BCH will be returned to debtors, or BSV and other cryptocurrencies will be sold

The bankruptcy bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox (Mentougou) held documents on the eve of its creditors’ annual meeting, leaking more information on how to pay its debts in the future. Documents show that creditors can choose the form of compensation they receive, or choose to receive fiat currency, or choose to receive a combination of fiat currency, bitcoin, and bitcoin cash. However, there are no alternatives to cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Statistics show that Mt. Gox used to hold nearly 202,000 BSVs (currently market value is about US $ 34.5 million), and BSV is not included in the option, which means that these BSVs held by Mt. Gox will be sold in exchange for cash repayment Creditor risk or has been sold.