ErisX temporarily waives spot trading fees to attract more independent investors into the cryptocurrency market

The U.S. compliant cryptocurrency exchange ErisX announced that it has waived execution fees and removed account minimum requirements for its crypto spot trading market by May to better help independent investors enter the cryptocurrency market. ErisX states that they were established by industry experts to provide simple and secure transactions for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin, and they are a compliant exchange based in the United States. ErisX will waive the execution fee of all spot transactions by May, remove the minimum amount of $ 10,000 previously required for the account, and provide a convenient ACH and FedWire fiat currency recharge path. ErisX was founded in 2018 by veteran trader Thomas Chippas and has received support from several well-known Wall Street companies. In April last year, ErisX launched a spot trading platform and obtained it from investors including Castle Island and Dragonfly Capital Partners $ 20 million in Series B financing.