USD stablecoin USDK launches cryptocurrency wallet TokenPocket

According to official information from OKLink, the USD stablecoin USDK is now available on the cryptocurrency wallet TokenPocket. Users can use the TokenPocket wallet to enjoy USDK asset storage and transfer services. According to the data of, currently USDK has launched multiple trading platforms and digital asset wallets including OKEx, Bitfinex, Bitpie, etc., covering hundreds of countries and regions around the world, serving more than one million global users, and further accelerating the internationalization process. According to public information, USDK is a compliance and stablecoin based on blockchain and trust licenses. It was jointly launched by the world’s leading blockchain big data company OKLink and the American trust company Prime Trust, and it is exchanged with the US dollar 1: 1 anchor, and A well-known auditing company EideBailly issues monthly audit reports to ensure asset transparency.