Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia, the Australian stock exchange ASX has once again postponed the release of the blockchain settlement system

The Australian Stock Exchange ASX stated that due to the uncertainty of the new crown pneumonia, it was originally scheduled to release a blockchain-based settlement system from March to April 2021 and replace the original clearing house electronic registration system CHESS. The implementation of the measures has been postponed to a later time. ASX said it will conduct a user consultation in June of this year, and then finalize the final release schedule. Peter Hiom, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of ASX, said, “The market is currently in an environment of volatility and increasing levels of activity, so the stock exchange industry needs to focus on day-to-day operations and will wait until June to negotiate a new timetable.” Chain News previously reported that ASX and Blockchain company Digital Asset cooperated to develop a new settlement system based on blockchain and distributed ledger technology, replacing its electronic registration system CHESS, which has been used for nearly 10 years. In the fourth quarter of 2020, it was postponed to March to April 2021, and this postponement is the second postponement of the system.