Fidelity has invested US$4.33 million in the recent public offering of Hut 8, a listed mining company in Canada, which is the largest investor

Fuda was the largest investor in the public listing of Canadian listed mining company Hut 8 last month. According to a recent document, Fidelity purchased 71% of the shares of the Hut 8 issue (including the combination of stocks and warrants) and invested US$4.33 million, which means that Fidelity now owns Hut 8 10.6 % Of the outstanding shares. Earlier, Lianwen had reported that Hut 8 Mining, a listed Canadian mining company, had completed equity financing of more than US$8.3 million. The company’s interim CEO Jimmy Vaiopoulo said, “We have completed an oversubscription and publicly sold US$8.3 million in stock. The net proceeds from this issue will be used to upgrade existing mining equipment to chips with higher efficiency. “In early June, Hut 8 Mining announced that it had submitted a preliminary prospectus for the company’s public offering to raise at least US$7.5 million. The offering will be sold at a price of US$1.45 per unit, and each unit will consist of 1 ordinary share and 1 share certificate of the company. Each share certificate will give its holder the right to purchase one ordinary share of the company at an exercise price of $1.80 per share within 18 months.