NFT platform Mintable releases Mintable 2.0 on Zilliqa and Ethereum blockchain platforms

NFT creates platform Mintable to announce 2.0 plans. Mintable 2.0 will bring a series of new features, including support for IPFS self-hosting, NFT community reputation system, and commercial copyright transfer and sale. At the same time, the new version of Mintable will be released on the two major blockchains of Ethereum and Zilliqa at the same time. Among them, the Zilliqa market will be launched on July 30th, and supports domain name integration with unstoppabledomains. After that, the Ethereum market will be launched in September. In order to encourage market transactions, Mintable 2.0 will provide flexible transaction fees, of which the maximum rate of Ethereum is 3%, the maximum rate of Zilliqa is 5%, and sometimes the weekend fee is 0.