The first round of liquidity aggregation agreement Orion Protocol has ended, with a total of 1 billion ERD tokens participating in the application

Orion Protocol, the liquidity aggregation agreement, announced that the first round of public offerings has ended, with a total of nearly 1 billion Elrond (ERD) tokens (worth approximately US$11.6 million) participating in the application. A total of 355 participants, 60 of which were successful, all successful candidates The median number of pledged tokens in the market is 561,000 ERD. Orion reminded the successful applicants to log in to the application website before 6 pm on July 13th, UTC time for Level 3 KYC certification. According to Lianwen, the first round of public offering of Orion Protocol adopts the blockchain-based lotto model. A total of US$30,000 of ORN tokens will be distributed to Elrond (ERD) holders in the form of lotto, and each winner will be allocated A token ORN worth US$500, this public offering is similar to the first financing model of a trading platform, and users need to draw lots to qualify. Users first need to obtain votes by holding ERD. Officials distribute their votes according to the user’s “hodl index”. The larger the ERD holding amount and the longer the holding time, the greater the “holding factor”. Lianwen Note: According to Block123, Orion Protocol is a liquidity aggregation protocol that combines transactions, portfolio management, and wallet functions into a user-friendly interface, supported by a unique liquidity aggregator, connected to centralized, decentralized All trading platforms.