Anyswap, a cross-chain transaction protocol based on Fusion DCRM technology, will start, supporting automatic pricing and liquidity systems

Anyswap announced that it will be officially launched on July 20th GMT. Anyswap is a fully decentralized cross-chain transaction protocol based on Fusion DCRM technology, with automatic pricing and liquidity systems. Anyswap supports token replacement on any blockchain based on the ECDSA or EDDSA algorithm, including BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, LTC, FSN, etc. The functions supported by the Anyswap protocol include: 1) Decentralized cross-chain bridging, which is based on Fusion’s DCRM implementation, allowing users to deposit any tokens into the protocol and cast encapsulated tokens in a decentralized manner; 2) Token cross Chain exchange allows users to immediately swap from one token to another; 3) Programmatic liquidity provision, where liquidity providers can add or withdraw liquidity to exchange transaction pairs. The Anyswap team stated that the project received technical support from Fusion Foundation. Fusion Foundation is a non-profit organization whose goal is to build the next generation infrastructure for decentralized global finance. Qian Dejun, the founder and CEO of FUSION Foundation, worked in IBM China for 12 years.