Beijing Lian’an: Cashha stolen bitcoin has begun to enter the exchange

Beijing Chainan Chainsmap monitoring system found that more than 10 336 bitcoins have been stolen from the Casha Exchange, involving Bitmex and Kraken, and a small amount of bitcoin has been mixed into two other exchanges. . Cashaa previously disclosed the address of the hacker into which the stolen bitcoin flowed in, and said that the move is likely to be done by Indian hackers, while strengthening the joint defense with regional exchanges in India. According to the analysis of the public information of Cashaa, SXWK, a security expert on the Beijing chain security chain, said that the stolen bitcoins came from the user’s deposits from 4:04 am to 8:10 am Beijing time on July 11th. , And was quickly collected and transferred to the hacker address. From the characteristics point of view, hackers follow up the exchange’s behavior in a timely manner, and there is a high probability of stolen coins during the address collection process. If the internal risk control factors of the exchange are excluded, it is very likely that the exchange has previously suffered an APT attack and was hacked. Leave the back door.