Bitmain’s internal letter: Wu Jihan took over from the post of Zhanke Tuan and others in Shenzhen Century Cloud Core

An internal letter titled “To the Shenzhen Century Cloud Core All Colleagues’ Book” broke out. The main content was that Beijing Bitmain Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Beijing Bit) exempted the former Century Cloud as a 100% shareholder. The core executive director of the core, appointed Wu Jihan as the executive director of Century Cloud Core. On the same day, Wu Jihan was relieved from the post of Zhou Feng as the general manager of Century Cloud Core as an executive director. Wu Jihan served as the general manager and legal representative. According to the internal letter, Zhanke Tuan and Zhou Feng are relatives. During Zhou Feng’s tenure, the business and management of Century Cloud Core has been disrupted. Since June this year, Zhou Feng has refused to confirm the order and ship the goods according to the group, resulting in nearly 17,000 units in the cloud core warehouse. The T17 mining machine was illegally transferred, and was sold at a low price by Hainan Continental Ark Data Technology Co., Ltd., which is 25% owned by Zhanke Tuan. The sales of the mining machine of about 100 million yuan are still unknown. In addition, Century Cloud Core also refused to deliver the mining machine to external customers, resulting in overdue delivery of more than 5,600 mining machines, and owing external suppliers due accounts payable up to 200 million yuan.