A user made more than 2000 ETH by trading bZx tokens on Uniswap within half an hour

Security engineer Roman Storm tweeted that in more than half an hour, a user profited 2030 ETH and 300,000 BZRX tokens on Uniswap through the transaction loan agreement bZx token BRZX. The specific operation steps are that after the listing of BZRX on Uniswap, the user purchased more than 1,966.1 thousand BZRX with 650 ETH through the smart contract, which was exchanged for nearly 40% of the BZRX in the flow pool. Two minutes later, the user started a series of sales activities, and made a total of 2030 ETH and 300,000 BZRX tokens. bZx responded that the solution to this problem may be a batch auction like dFusion, or a method similar to a Dutch auction. However, this is not arbitrage, and like other buyers, robot owners also bear huge financial risks.

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