Blockchain storage protocol Arweave will assist Internet Archive to achieve permanent access to data

According to The Block report, the developers behind the blockchain storage protocol Arweave have established a partnership with the Internet Archive, a non-profit digital library, to permanently “fault tolerate” access to the library’s data. Arweave developers are adding torrents (files that can be distributed and accessed via a peer-to-peer network) to Arweave’s “next generation archive.” These torrents are composed of the following three parts, which are the basic metadata of the data in the Internet Archive, data integrity hashes that can be used to verify the data by password, and information such as the source of the data. Currently, Arweave has archived 700,000 data-related torrent files in the Internet Archive. Chain heard that in early March of this year, Arweave announced the completion of a $8.3 million round of financing. Investors include Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Union Square Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, who led Arweave’s last round of $5 million financing. . Arweave said that the funds from this round of financing will be used to expand Arweave’s community ecological construction plan. Lianwen note, the Arweave project was founded in 2017, the founder is Sam Williams, previously received 1kx investment, and in June 2018 through ICO financing 8.7 million US dollars. Arweave provides a “Permaweb” solution. Internet users can use the Arweave browser plug-in to permanently store digital files and data such as web pages, emails, and social media posts on the blockchain.