TON community foundation TON Labs may fork TON blockchain to solve compliance problems

A federal judge in New York yesterday imposed a ban on Telegram token issuance, ruling that the issue of “GRAM” tokens violated U.S. securities laws. According to a letter from Telegram to investors, Telegram has appealed the preliminary ban immediately, stating that it remains fully committed to the TON project and does everything possible to ensure its successful launch. In fact, this ban does not mean that the project cannot be launched. According to Fedor Skuratov, former communications manager of the TON Community Foundation TON Labs, the TON Community Foundation TON Labs may use a forked TON blockchain as an alternative startup method to solve compliance challenges. In the United States, the government can regulate and prevent specific individuals or groups from running code, but it has no authority to prevent the operation of open source technologies. A group of more than 20 software developers and investors is currently discussing whether there is a possible way to launch the project without Telegram’s participation. Fedor Skuratov said that the community is currently discussing various solutions, but no final decision has been made. Skuratov claims that all the code required to launch TON is prepared by Telegram and has now been released. In theory, anyone can launch any version of the TON blockchain with these source codes. This is similar to a hard fork or split into separate networks. The community only needs to generate the first transactions or genesis blocks and provide at least 13 computers called validators to run the network. However, as a POS blockchain project, starting the project also needs to reach an internal consensus of the community. To this end, an agreement between the majority of the community is required to start the project. Currently, members of the group are doing their best to connect with other community members.