Mining round table discussion: the industry has a segmented and refined development trend, some traditional capital flows into the field of mining pools

During the roundtable discussion of the third anniversary of Binance Online Virtual Conference, the guests discussed the current status and development of China’s mining industry. F2Pool co-founder Shenyu said that the miners’ position after the halving is not very optimistic. Overlaying the transformation of traditional mining machines, the survival pressure of the miners is relatively large. However, due to the benefits brought by the abundant water period, the hydropower supply is relatively rich and the miners’ income is low. The previous level of income. There are some changes in the group of people involved in mining, and traditional capital flows into the mining pool. But the status of Chinese miners will not have much impact in a short time. China has a lot of rich energy. Industrial parks and planning processes will strengthen the legal status of miners. Yao Xianjun, vice president of overseas sales of Jianan, said that the mining industry is a high-tech industry, and every halving is to promote the development of the industry, including the domestic situation. The scale of miners has changed, investment capital has entered more, investment is relatively more rational, and scale has become more and more obvious. This is also a change in the technology industry. Miners and investors have also increased their requirements for refinement. He Keren, the head of Binance Mine Pool, said that the current customer base is different from before, and the industry is currently at a point of change and inflection. From the relatively rough mode to the refined one, the mine management team is becoming more and more professional. Rates will become more and more sensitive and require more and more financial services. Mining pools may become ports in the financial sector in the future. Zhuang Zhong, CEO of, said that the changes in the industry are being accelerated, the marginal benefits of miners are becoming lower, the requirements for the miners themselves are becoming higher, and the subdivision in various fields will be specialized, including mine construction, monitoring, etc. There will be more and more, which is also good for the industry.