The open source financial information platform DIA will distribute its governance token DIA from August 3

The open source financial information platform DIA issued an article introducing its distribution plan for the governance token DIA. DIA stated that it will distribute the governance token DIA to DeFi market participants, the wider DeFi applications and the blockchain ecosystem from August 3. The bonding curve model of token distribution is sustainable, transparent and fair, which can effectively distribute governance, coordinate the interests between teams and communities, ensure accountability and inspire early adopters and community developers for long-term Use governance tokens. The distribution of governance tokens is divided into 5 main categories: 1. Supply based on the bonding curve; 2. “Ecosystem token pool”; 3. Tokens held by the team; 4. Early project supporters; 5. The remaining tokens are kept in the association reserve and will be used according to the decision of the DIA governing token holders.