Decentralized service platform Avalanche public offering option A2 increased supply of 55 million tokens

Avalanche (AVAX), a decentralized service platform, announced that it will open its public offering as scheduled at 22:00, July 15th, Beijing time for 14 days. In addition, in order to accommodate more users, the team increased the number of token sales of the public A2 option from 5 million tokens to 60 million (the increased tokens will come from the foundation), and added one for the A2 option purchase. The condition is that the maximum purchase amount for the first 4 hours is 25,000 USD (later increased to 2.5 million USD). Users who choose the A2 plan still have a one-and-a-half-year unlock period for their tokens. Options A1 and B will remain unchanged. Lianwen previously reported that AVA originally planned to open a public offering on July 8th, and later delayed the public offering for a week due to factors such as traffic overload and attacks. Lianwen previously reported that the upper limit of this public sale of tokens is 17 million, accounting for 4.72% of the mainnet supply. Participants can purchase the AVA platform native token AVAX through three options. Sales option A1 allows participants to purchase tokens at a price of 0.5 USD but has a 1-year lock-up period, which is unlocked once every quarter, with a single purchase limit of 25,000 USD. Sales option B allows participants to purchase tokens at a price of $0.85, without a lock-up period, and the single purchase limit is $5,000.