Filecoin mainnet launch window postponed again until August 31-September 21

Filecoin announced that it will delay the launch of its testnet incentive plan from July 20 to August 3 (for a period of three weeks). In addition, the mainnet launch window will be postponed to August 31-September 21. Filecoin stated that the reason for the delay was that, at the request of the community, a two-week calibration period was added before the testnet incentive plan went live, so that any problems that might arise before the official launch of the competition were debugged. Filecoin will reward participants through the bug bounty program. In addition, Filecoin announced an additional 100,000 FIL rewards, which will be proportionally distributed to the 20 largest block generation teams to ensure that the testnet incentive competition closely mimics the dynamics of the main network.