Hunan’s first blockchain industry fund has been filed with the China Foundation Association, with a total fund size of US$100 million

According to the Red Net Moment Report, Hunan Chain City Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd.’s first fund product-Hunan Chain City One Private Equity Fund Enterprise (Limited Partnership) (hereinafter referred to as “Chain City One Fund”) successfully passed China Securities Investment The filing of the Fund Industry Association marks the official establishment of the first fund focused on investing in the blockchain industry in Loudi. The total scale of Liancheng Yihao Fund is RMB 100 million. It was jointly established by Wanbao New District Development and Investment Group of Loudi City and Hunan Liancheng Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd. The first phase of fund raising was completed on June 29, 2020. The fund focuses on innovative investment projects in the blockchain industry. Hunan Chain City Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd. will serve as the fund manager and is the first fund management company in Hunan Province to focus on blockchain industry investment.