Sharding project Elrond mainnet will use Suterusu two-layer solution to implement privacy cross-chain protocol

Sharding project Elrond (ERD) announced that its mainnet will use the Suterusu Layer 2 solution to implement privacy cross-chain protocols. This partnership will enable Elrond itself to become a privacy transaction protocol while also gaining privacy cross-chain capabilities, allowing users to use Elrond’s privacy smart contract features by paying Suter tokens as a handling fee. Suterusu is building a two-tier solution to provide ZCash-level privacy for any compatible one-tier blockchain. Unlike ZCash, this solution does not require a “trusted ceremony” to initialize the zk-ConSNARK environment, which means that there is no potential private information in the system that can be used to undermine system security. According to the news, Elrond introduced two key technological innovations, namely adaptive state sharding mechanism and security proof of stake (PoS) algorithm, which can increase throughput and execution speed by a cumulative 1000 times. Suterusu brings ZCash-level privacy to any blockchain platform and application, and integrates the most advanced ZK-SNARK scheme without trusted initialization. According to the news, Elrond has started the Genesis Pledge 2.0 phase, and the mainnet will be launched on July 30.