Bitcoin core developer Jeremy Rubin is developing a new smart contract language Sapio for Bitcoin

According to Coindesk, in an activity of RecklessVR, Bitcoin core developer Jeremy Rubin demonstrated the new smart contract language Sapio of Bitcoin under development. Jeremy Rubin hopes that the contract can provide users with a “financial sovereign tool”, and further expand the use cases of smart contracts in Bitcoin, so that users can better control their own funds. The contract is dedicated to OP_CHECKTEMPLATEVERIFY (CTV). If it can be adopted, it can bring more smart contract functions to the Bitcoin network, that is, allow users to protect their Bitcoin in new ways. Rubin plans to release this programming language as part of its new research organization Judica. Currently, Judica is still in its early stages and is seeking grants and new members. Lianwen note, CTV is the OP code proposed by Jeremy Rubin, which can help alleviate Bitcoin’s network congestion and expenses during peak hours, and effectively improve network throughput.