Decentralized protocol dForce launches synthetic digital gold token GOLDx

The decentralized protocol dForce launched the synthetic digital gold token GOLDx. GOLDx is the first gold token protocol developed by dForce based on the open gold protocol. It is now deployed on the Ethereum mainnet and follows the ERC20 standard. Users can use all mainstream stablecoins to buy or sell GOLDx through dForce Trade. The upcoming dForce interest-earning agreement will also provide interest market for GOLDx. Various DeFi agreements in the dForce ecosystem will support GOLDx, allowing holders to conduct GOLDx transactions, loans, purchase futures and other derivatives, and earn interest income. GOLDx always guarantees 100% reserve on the component currency chain. At present, there is only one component currency PAX Gold (PAXG) at the bottom, and more gold tokens will be added as reserves (gold-like index) in the future.