Blockchain security company CertiK completes the second code security audit of Kava, confirming that the code is at a safe level

Blockchain security company CertiK announced the completion of the second code security audit of the cross-chain DeFi project Kava. The goal is to help Kava Labs protect users’ funds by discovering and repairing known vulnerabilities that may lead to unauthorized access, loss of funds, cascading failures, and other security vulnerabilities. After a six-week audit, CertiK reconfirmed that the code delivered by Kava was at a very high level of security. The audit work is strictly limited to the specific submission scope of the source code, and the modules include the CDP module and the auction module. Lianwen Note: Previously in March 2020, CertiK completed a security audit of the Kava Labs validator Vesting module, and the audit results confirmed that Kava’s code delivered a secure superior implementation agreement.