Huobi Brokerage bulk over-the-counter trading business goes live, supporting the US dollar and seven digital assets in the first phase

Huobi Brokerage bulk OTC trading business is officially launched, which can provide digital asset bulk OTC trading services for institutions and high net worth clients. The announcement shows that the first phase of the Huobi Brokerage bulk over-the-counter trading business supports the US dollar and seven digital assets such as BTC, USDT, USDC, HUSD, PAX, HT, and ETH. The second phase will launch euros, pounds and more digital assets, and support API Access function. In addition, Huobi Brokerage can provide HT block trades, according to the rules of holding HT can enjoy the preferential rates of spot transactions and other benefits. Huobi Brokerage was established in 2019. The product design revolves around the pain points that institutions face when entering the crypto market. It integrates other digital asset exchanges and liquidity providers through smart order routing technology to provide high-quality liquidity pools for bulk transactions, Competitive and zero transaction fee prices, regulated fiat currency channels and other integrated solutions. Huobi Brokerage supports automated system transactions and offline voice bargaining, reducing transaction slippage for customers and achieving fast settlement.