Many celebrities and dignitaries were hacked on Twitter, and Twitter officials responded that they are investigating and restricting the function of publishing tweets

According to Forbes report, in the early hours of this morning, many celebrity politicians and Twitter accounts of some companies were hacked, including Apple, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Bill Gates, former US President Barack Obama, US presidential candidate Twitter accounts such as Biden have published relevant digital currency phishing scam information. However, these phishing messages will be deleted a few minutes after they are posted. Lianwen query found that as of now, the fraudsters have received a total of 12.86 bitcoins. Twitter officials responded by saying that they were aware of the security issue and are investigating the incident and taking measures. During the investigation, users may not be able to post tweets and reset their passwords. 40 minutes ago, Twitter said it was still under investigation and continued to restrict features such as tweets. Lianwen previously reported that Coinbase, Binance and its founders Zhao Changpeng, Gemini, Kucoin and other official Twitter accounts in the cryptocurrency field have also been attacked. According to the relevant tweet information, the stolen account posted a phishing scam message related to the donation of bitcoin in cooperation with CryptoForHealth.