Beijing releases blue book on blockchain application innovation in government services

According to the People’s Daily report, the “Beijing Government Service Service Blockchain Application Innovation Blue Book (First Edition)” prepared by the Beijing Blockchain Working Class Expert Group was officially released recently. The Blue Book affirmed the necessity, feasibility and important value of the construction of the blockchain in Beijing’s government service field from the perspectives of “new infrastructure”, digital government construction, promotion of national governance system and modernization of governance capabilities. The Blue Book points out that the core framework of the overall design of blockchain applications in Beijing’s government services mainly includes: building a unified government blockchain technology application standard; building business data circulation, opening and sharing capabilities around business needs; promoting cross-department and cross-region Collaborative construction of integrated government services; building a digital government governance framework based on blockchain; promoting the formulation and improvement of relevant laws and regulations to ensure the orderly and compliant implementation of blockchain construction. The Blue Book also looks forward to the direction of the next optimization development. Facing the future “programmable government” scenario based on Blockchain 3.0, taking the technical specifications of government blockchain platform as a guide, further improve the consensus algorithm, improve the efficiency of smart contracts, deepen the application of blockchain technology in business collaboration, and give way Blockchain technology is better used in government service scenarios and continuously improves the government’s digital governance level.