Lightning Web Wallet Zap Completes US$3.5 Million Seed Round of Financing in April

According to Forbes, the lightning network wallet Zap has completed a $3.5 million seed round of financing before announcing a partnership with Visa. However, Zap had not previously announced the news. The financing was officially closed in April of this year, led by Green Oaks Capital, a venture capital firm that previously invested in Robinhood and Stripe, and Morgan Creek participated. Lianwen previously reported that in early July, Zap’s payment application Strike entered the public beta stage and plans to work with Visa to issue a Strike debit card. Strike allows users to directly use bank accounts or debit cards for lightning payments. Lianwen note, Zap is headquartered in Chicago and has 13 employees. It is currently the most active open source lightning network wallet project in the development group and community.