Media: Twitter removed screenshots of internal tools, sources said hackers used the tool to steal accounts

According to Sina Finance, two sources close to the underground hacker community provided a screenshot of an internal panel and claimed that Twitter employees used this panel to interact with user accounts. A source said that the Twitter panel can also be used to change the ownership of some so-called OG accounts, and hackers used this control panel to steal accounts and send cryptocurrency fraud information. Since then, Twitter has been busy deleting these screenshots, and banned those who distribute this screenshot, claiming that the content violates the company’s rules. An hour after the incident, Republican Senate Josh Hawley wrote to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, asking him to provide more information about the incident, including how the hacker attacked, how many user information was leaked, and the hacker’s Whether the attack affected the accounts of US President Donald Trump, etc. Hawley said, “Please contact the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation immediately, and take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the website before this loophole expands.” Jack Dorsey responded that the hacking is being evaluated and will be in the possible situation More information about hacking is published below.