Crypto lending platform Celsius Network completes $17 million in equity financing

Celsius Network, a crypto lending platform, announced that it has completed a $17 million financing through the crypto online investment platform BnkToTheFuture. Since June, more than 700 qualified investors have participated in this round of financing. The initial financing target was $15 million, and Celsius Network later expanded the financing scale to meet the needs of the community. Celsius Network will continue to open fundraising on the BnkToTheFuture platform for more than 200 qualified investors who are still waiting. With the entry of these new investments, the company will release more equity, but will not dilute the previous investments. This round of financing activities ended on July 26. Qualified investors can still make a minimum investment of US$1,000 through BnkToTheFuture to obtain equity in Celsius Network. According to previous reports from Lianwen, Celsius Network launched a US$15 million equity financing last month to seek “community participation” to replace traditional venture capital. The company’s current valuation is US$120 million.