Decentralized financial agreement Laminar launches public testnet Turbulence

Participants and contributors in the Polkadot ecosystem, the decentralized financial agreement Laminar officially launched the first public testnet Turbulence, supporting the cross-chain stablecoin aUSD (Acala stablecoin) as a basic trading asset, participating in foreign exchange, gold and crypto assets Of synthetic asset margin trading. Laminar provides a specific trading platform to bring off-chain liquidity, mainstream traditional users and a rich and diverse trading infrastructure to the Polkadot multi-chain ecosystem. Later, it will also hold a cross-chain asset trading competition with Acala, a decentralized financial project. According to previous reports from Chain News, Acala has established the decentralized financial ecological alliance Acala Consortium, which will become the open cross-chain financial infrastructure of the Polkadot ecosystem.