NFT-based digital collection and trading platform Rarible launches market liquidity mining and launches governance token RARI

The NFT-based digital collection and trading platform Rarible announced the launch of the governance token RARI. Users can use Rarible to mint coins, buy and sell digital collectibles without any coding skills. The Rarible team said that with the increase in the number of users of the platform and the expansion of the market, it plans to change to a fully decentralized autonomous organization in the future. The team therefore launched governance tokens to manage the development and decision-making of the platform. RARI allows the most active creators and collectors on Rarible to vote for any platform upgrade and participate in management and review. RARI does not sell on the platform, it can only be obtained by actively participating in the platform. The team refers to this method as “Marketplace Liquidity Mining”. More than half of the total supply of RARI tokens is reserved for sellers and buyers in the Rarible market. The team will obtain RARI through weekly allocation based on the user’s weekly purchases and sales.